El practicaje y los puertos

Interesante artículo publicado por el LLoyds List, tras entrevistar al Ministro de Transportes inglés, copio y pego que hay que salir a ver la caravana del 1 de agosto.

Del Lloyd List

HARBOUR authorities have no legal requirement to provide pilotage services to the “highest possible standard” at all times, according to UK shipping minister Paul Clark, writes Sandra Speares.
Responding to concerns raised on the issue of safe pilotage by Barrie Youde of solicitors RA Wilkinson & Co, Mr Clark said the Department for Transport “does not accept that there is a legal requirement for all competent harbour authorities — a harbour authority that runs a pilotage services — to provide this service to the highest possible standard at all time, with no exemptions or scope for compromise”.

“While the master remains nominally in command, it has to be recognised that the pilot had the ‘con’ and a master can only intervene when a situation of danger has clearly arisen. The port authority imposes a charge for pilotage but in the same breath has the added advantage of the pilot being treated for the purposes of civil liability as an employee of the shipowner.

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