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MBRS LINES, INC. was founded by the MADRONA family in Bachawan San Agustin Romblon. In 1984 the Madrona’s invited incorporators to form a much bigger and stronger company named MBRS Lines, Inc, the corporation MBRS was named after the ports served by the company namely Manila – Bachawan – Romblon – San Agustin.

In 1989 the corporation placed additional investments and bought a steel Vessel named SALVE JULIANA and in 1993 another vessel was bought and they named it the ROMBLON BAY and again in 1996 the M/V MARY THE QUEEN was bought in Liverpool England and because of the company’s fast earnings the Incorporators were able to bought a much bigger Vessel without adding any investments thus M/V VIRGINMARY was produced in Wellington New Zealand.

On July 2000 M/V SALVEJULIANA was sold since it could no longer accommodate the volume of passengers in its route and considering her age. Then in the year 2001 M/V BLESSED MOTHER was bought from Spain.

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