¡Mira Mama!, ¡Ahora sin cartas!

Bueno, la culpa es del servidor, hace no mucho los de Transas se felicitaban al poner su aplicación en la App Store, pero con la última actualización se ha sobrecargado el cacharro y piden 18 días para poder volver a usarlo. Es una caso anecdótico para cualquier profesional, pero sí es un toque de atención para no acabar sin dientes con tanto ordenador. Buen momento para echar un vistazo a las Tablas de Graiño y volver a guardarlas.

iSailor declaration
September, 2013 – Dear clients,
As you know we have recently experienced technical issues with the limitation of our server capacity. Unfortunately this was caused by simultaneous chart restores across the world over the last 2 days. Our analysis today shows that the server is still highly overloaded.
In order to address the issue we have set the iSailor App in a temporarily unavailable status at the AppStore. This means that iSailor v.1.5.5 and v.1.5.4 will not operate for the following 18 days. We are taking these actions to rebuild our server and extend the capacity so that we can enable the smooth operation of iSailor chart restores without termination for every customer across the world.
We can still enable chart restores in urgent cases. Please, contact us directly at SUPPORT@ISAILOR.US. We have extended our Support team and will be dealing directly with every case depending on the urgency.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused over the past 2 days and please rest assured that we are dealing with this as a matter of urgency.
All charts will be restored.
Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.
iSailor Team
Transas iSailor version 1.5.5. is released
Transas iSailor 1.5.5
September, 2013 – Hi iSailors,
We are happy to announce that a new version of Transas iSailor is now available for download in iTunes.
Here is the full list of the new features:
– Improvements of the auto loading and Chart Generalization algorithm on large and small scales;
– Abbreviations for the Course, Speed and Route data were corrected;
– Cross Track Distance (XTD) is now adjustable for the each leg of the route separately;
– Voyage Speed is now adjustable for each leg of the route separately;
– Planned Time of Arrival calculation is available (based on Time of Departure and planned Speed);
– Cross Track Distance (XTD) zone can be presented graphically on the chart layer;
– Bug fixes and other improvements.
Update your iSailor now and enjoy your sailing. Bon Voyage!
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