Ejercicios de Botes

Teme recurrente este, pero de gran importancia, y una de las principales causas de accidentes. Circular de la OMI “Guidance on Safety During Abandon Ship Drills Using Lifeboats“.

…most accidents fell under the following categories:

  • 1 failure of on-load release mechanism;
  • 2 inadvertent operation of on-load release mechanism;
  • 3 inadequate maintenance of lifeboats, davits and launching equipment;
  • 4 communication failure;
  • 5 lack of familiarity with lifeboats, davits, equipment and associated controls;
  • 6 unsafe practices during lifeboat drills and inspections; and
  • 7 design faults other than on-load release.

…Before placing persons onboard a lifeboat, it is recommended that the boat first be lowered and recovered without persons on board to ascertain that the arrangement functionscorrectly. The boat should then be lowered into the water with only the number of persons on board necessary to operate the boat.

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