Costa Concordia

La operación sigue sin pausa, parece que va por buen camino ya que ha sorteado sin novedad el último temporal del mediterráneo. Mas de 400 trabajadores y 20 barcos trabajan en la operación, mientras, en Italia varios astilleros están construyendo los 30 cajones y las 6 plataformas submarinas que permitirán reflotarlo.

From Lloyds List

London, Nov 14

A press report, dated Nov 4, states: The Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency, agreed with the Observatory and Costa Crociere, informs that Titan/Micoperi team has properly managed the oil spillage recently appeared close to the wreck of passenger (cruise) Costa Concordia, likely due to recent bad sea. The situation is totally under control and, at present, there is no visible leakage from the wreck and no sign of pollution in the surrounding area. On Nov 2, as soon as individuated the leakage, Titan/Micoperi all emergency procedures were put in place and Authorities informed. Booms contained the leakage, skimming and cleaning operations were being properly carried out according to caretaking plan and oil spill response plan. Divers inspection is still going on in order to identify where the leakage coming from, expecting for sample analysis.

The recent very bad weather, has also demonstrated that thanks to the stabilisation system just in place, the wreck has not registered slipping movements. The wreck stabilisation phase, with the four anchoring systems connected and in operation, will allow operations to proceed in total safety in view of the upcoming winter season Operations continue without respite. At the present time about 400 workers, engineers and divers are active at the site day and night, seven days a week, together with about 20 diverse vessels. Construction work is, in fact, at an advanced stage in seven Italian shipyards on the 30 flotation caissons and 6 undersea platforms that will be delivered gradually and on schedule, starting at the beginning of November, ready for positioning and installation. Work has also already begun on sea bottom drilling to prepare foundations for the six undersea platforms on which the wreck will rest after rotation into a vertical position. Drilling work has been completed for two support piles of a small one platform. This highly delicate and difficult operation is being performed by UK company Frugo Seacore, a world leader in offshore drilling operations. A few days ago the Pioneer support vessel was positioned on the shore side of the wreck. This will provide a logistics and operating base for the production, preparation and positioning of the false sea bottom, made up of about 400 removable grout bags, filled with a special ecofriendly cement.

During the periodic meeting with the citizens held on Nov 2 at the Giglio Island, attended by the Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency Franco Gabrielli, he has communicated that within Jan 31, 2013 the casualtys emergency status will end. A new governmental authority will be appointed, which will be in charge to monitor the wreck removal operations, together with Tuscanys Region and local representatives. Mr. Gabrielli has also expressed great satisfaction for the Observatory role and commitment, and he has renewed his confidence for the professionalism and competences of all companies involved

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