Los turcos, el Paris MOU y España

Están que trinan con las inspecciones de la UE, aportan datos estadísticos y ponen a nuestras Capitanías con sus inspecciones por las nubes.

Maritime Bulletin

Turkish Chamber of Shipping is closely monitoring and analyzing the PSCOs of Paris MOU, they circulated a letter “to all whom it may concern”, including Maritime Bulletin, with the results of their monitoring. Two files attached to letter are the lists of detentions during the periods 2011 (19.04.2011-31.12.2011) and 2012 (01.01.2012-19.04.2012). Files are too technically difficult for proper publishing, but I plan in near future to create a regularly updated classified list of detentions, not limited by Paris MOU. Find the letter below, without any corrections. I think, such materials are much more important for the shipping, than many grammatically flawless and absolutely meaningless articles of major industry media.
Voytenko Mikhail

There are 687 ships detained in the period from 19.04.2011 to 19.04.2012. The ships in above lists are total 687, 96 of them ( % 14 ) are Turkish controlled, grouped as follows:

– Drycargo coasters (basically all general cargo ships below 15000dwt, larger drycargoships grouped under Bulkcarriers. Despite their size, almost all of these ships are engaged in coastal trade ie in between
UK/CONT/BALTIC/MEDincl.BSEA) total 421 ships ( % 61 of all detentions) Of which 66 ( % 16 of all coasters) are Turkish controlled

– Bulkcarriers, 95 ships ( % 14 of all detentions) Otherwords, generalcargo vessels + bulkers make 75 % of all detentions inParisMou.

– Containerships, 31 ships ( % 5 of all detentions)
– Roro/Ferry/Passengerships, 43 ships ( % 6 )
– Tugs/Otherships, 47 ships ( % 7 )

– (all) Tankers, 50 ships ( % 7 Pct)
Otherwords, dryships makes 93 % of all detentions in ParisMoU.
Of this 50 tankers, 11 are Turkish controlled which makes % 22 of all tanker detentions in ParisMou are Turkish controlled tankers. Of this 11 Turkish controlled tankers, 8 of them ( % 72 ) are MODERN TANKERS.

01.) (drycargo) COASTER are big time LOSERS . . This has not much to do with their FREQUENT CALLER status, or dire resources in comparison to other types, THE KEY FACTOR is they are WEAK when confronted with the PSCO»s. They donot have corporate lawyers that may sue to the end of the time in
case you dare to mark a «30». They donot have Big Brothers in the town of the PSCO»s who may cause PSCO»s to lose their beloved job. Thats why they got detained in the percentage ratio of SIXTYONE PERCENT..

However, there is A FACT that EU CONTROLLED COASTERS, YET DOES NOT GET PROPERLY INSPECTED (except maybe in SPAIN). AND IF THEY WERE PROPERLY INSPECTED, almost all EU controlled coasters WOULD BE BANNED from trading in ParisMou (and yet there isnot a single EU tonnage that is BANNED). There is no German working on a German coaster, no Dane on a Danish coaster, no Dutch
on a Dutch coaster, no Italian on an Italian coaster, no Greek on a Greek coaster… The EU shipoperator cannot even talk to his master in a mutually understandable language. There is no SAFETY MANAGEMENT (ISM) on board EU controlled coasters. Most of the ships are delegated to the Ukranian/Russian/Polish/Balticstates CREWING COMPANIES, now called ISM COMPANIES which sends whole crew (total 5/6 persons for a EU coaster) with a «so called» MANUAL (ISM) which nobody gives a damn.

02.) Non-EU shipowners (largest being TURKS) are made Scapegoats. In ParisMou member port state, among larger unspoken public opion, it is NOT politically wrong to hamper the trade of intruders/invaders such as Turks, And/or Arabs… Rome vs Carthega all over again . . dammed Phonecians . . or better Damned Saracens . .. seems tobe very live on the conscience of the Europeans, giving strenght to their officers to act decisively againts such tonnage . .

To the port states of Northern Europe (UK/CONT/Baltic) TURKS are ; Turks/Arabs/Slavs such as Rus/Ukraine/Bulgar etc/Albanians/Greeks/Italian shipowners etc. take the example of EOS (ex. Ardent) imo 8213445 and check for yourself what happened before and after owner change from UK to Greek.
.. In Southern Europe, any ship owned East of Cape Passero is from (commercial) enemy territory..and are treated as such..

03.) During past one year, only 2 ships that got detained in DENMARK and the last one (2nd) is a 103 (onehundredandthree) years (cpt.onedins») old sailing boat . .
The whole Scandinavia and Baltic is like that . . No ships (except few intruders) got detained in Scand/Baltic ports
Worlds busiest ports (by far) are Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg, But there is almost no ships that got detained in the busiest ports of the world. It is like this in whole continental Europe (and Scand/Baltic).
In UK, only the ships coming from overseas got detained such as Japs/Chinese/Bangladeshi/Indian/Paki etc. Plus some Greeks and few Turk coaster still daring to call UK ports.. In UK; they rob you out of your
In whole Europe, Spain is probably the only place (maybe France & Italy aswell…) where Psc Inspections are done according to the book, without any discrimination & hesitation..

04.) The result of Northern European States» failure to PSC inspect (let alone detain which is out of question) results in ;
– EU flags (incl. secondary ones) LOOKS ARTIFICIALLY GOOD . .
But they do NOT deserve this . .
– EU RO»s (classification) societies»performance LOOKS ARTIFICALLY GOOD
But they definitely does N O T deserve this . .
Infact there is NO FLAG STATE that DOES ANYTHING except collect FEES
They are these RO»s (GL/BV/DNV/LR/RINA etc) that survey/inspect ??? and issue all certificates on behalf of flag states.. Flag state does NOTHING..

– Recently, a so called «OTHER» classification society(RO) called INSB is moving rapidly up the ParisMou performance list of RO»s. That is because many Scandinavian/UK etc shipowners are moving their coastal ships to this privately owned Greek classification (which once only had Arab shipowning clients which moved away because Greek EURO fees became too expensive) society and these EU controlled coasters are passing PSC inspections with ZERO deficiencies anyway, INSB is now going skyhigh performance…

Lets give you a recent example, in 27 March 2012/in Ireland (coomhola bridge) a 38 years old drycargo coaster «MERKUR» imo 7413634 which is Panama flag and PHRS class (by far the worst performing RO in parismou) passed a ZERO DEFICIENCY psc inspection. This vessel is managed by a polish company
called DANO (as the name may indicate its 50pct owneby by DANISH Erria and 50pct owned by NORWEGIAN Continental shipmanagement-remember the INSB class coaster in Northern Ireland «UNION MOON» ???)

So we presume, if more Danish, Norwegian, German, Uk, Dutch owners switch frm BV/GL/DNV/LR to PHRS (Phoenix Greece) that this by far worst performing RO may eventually rank in front of BV/GL/DNV/LR..

And this would alone how show HOW POOR PERFORMING; BV/GL/DNV/LR/RINA etc bunch..

Performancewise, they are only kept alive by the hands of ParisMou psco!s,
Most of which are ex BV/GL/DNV/LR/RINE guys or hoping to find a more suitable job in BV/GL/DNV/LR/RINA guys . . it is such a shamefull happylive forever close family cycle . .

05.) If you check the BULKCARRIERS that got detained, you will hardly Find any Northern European origin bulkers…

If you check CONTAINERSHIPS, you will hardly find any BIG LINE COMPANY SHIPS, except very few which are old and finished… Basically there is nobody that can detain a liner out of her schedule.. PSCOs do not dare

If you check RORO/FERRY/PASSENGERSHIPS, you will see that there is almost NO CRUISE SHIPS OF BIG ONES (such as CARNIVAL, STAR etc) that gets detained. There is no PSCO in EU that can detain such a multibillion ship out of her schedule . . they are untouchable . . and if they sink, they do..

We suspect that there is hardly any cruise ship trading in ParisMou waters That can EXECUTE AN ABANDON SHIP DRILL PROPERLY..

If you check the list of detained tankers, you will hardly see any European Ships, hardly anything larger than 15.000 dwt…
Thus it seems to us that PSCO»s does NOT have the guts and also lack the expertise to PSC inspect any ship OTHER THAN COASTERS…This is also why they refrain to detain ships other than coasters (in fear of being sued afterwards or look stupid..)

06.) So what does a PSCO in ParisMoU member states ????
He is a public servant . . He is getting his salary from the taxes paid by the citizens of his port state . . And these citizens are expecting him to do a proper job !! but these citizens does NOT know what is the proper job, And that they can easily be fooled (lets say, satisfied..)

They look for Non-EU ships (especially SARACENS..), and these ships preferably NOT flying member state (incl. secondary) flags, nor classed by one of the EU classifications societies, and they detain them.

In this way, they achive 2 important things :
aa) they satisfy the public who is paying their salaries&pension (so they
need not to go looking for a job in the far oceans again…)
bb) they do not mess with the BIG BOYS which may threat the EU PSC Officers,
which may cause that they being UNWANTED in the JOB . .
Thus they get clever TWICE and act accordingly (as they are expected to be)
The result is
– 14 % of all detentions are Turkish controlled tonnage
– whereas only 2 % of all ZERO DEFICIENCY ParisMou Inspections are Turkish controlled ships
– almost 50 % of all EU controlled tonnage psc inspection is ZERO DEFICIENCY.

Last but not least, The operators of Turkish controlled tonnage belives that the ParisMOU regime, in the hands of indivuals with their bias, already become a strong and efficient tool for iniquitously preventing the free trade of the Turkish tonnage.

This needs to be changed and we will do our best that such HYPOCRISY WILL NOT STAND.

A member of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping in Istanbul/Turkey


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  1. jose antonio de santiago dijo:

    no sabría decir la razón exacta pero se desprende del texto una cierta sospecha de que los turcos insinúan inspecciones por «racismo»

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