MSC Carole

Los de la MSC la tienen negra, el MSC Carole (fletado por la Maersk) ha embarrancado en un arrecife a la salida de Yakarta, el intento de reflotamiento ha fallado y ahora están a la espera de otras opciones?. DWT:60,639 tons Eslora:294m Manga:32m (panamax)

Nota de APL a los propietarios de la carga.

29 Feb 2012

We are writing to inform you that ship operator, Maersk Line, reported on 28 February 2012 that their chartered vessel, M.V. MSC Carole, ran aground on a reef outside the port of Jakarta at 2200 hours on 27 February 2012.

Maersk Line has advised that all crew members are safe and no oil spillage has been observed. The extent of damage to the vessel and/or cargo has not yet been ascertained. A planned attempt to move the vessel off the reef in the early hours of this morning was not successful. The ship owner, MSC, is considering other options to refloat the vessel.

Your cargo is on board the vessel, M.V. MSC Carole. Unfortunately, this incident is likely to delay cargo delivery. Please accept APL’s sincere apologies for the inconvenience this matter has caused you.

We will keep you informed once we receive further update from the ship operator and as soon as we know the disposition of your cargo.

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