OSG / Souter, adios a Newcastle

Ha decidido tapar los cracks con Mr Loctite y se fulmina al personal de las oficinas de Newcastle.

OSG has confirmed plans to switch the crew and technical management of around 60 vessels away from Newcastle in northeast England to its existing office in Athens, with the loss of 52 jobs, staff were told yesterday, writes David Osler .

Ian Blackley, OSG’s head of international operations, was not immediately available for comment and OSG referred inquiries to its New York headquarters. A spokeswoman for the company said in an emailed statement that OSG had no comment to make.

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  1. marigo dijo:

    Second measure.-
    Fire off all europèan officer that have been given quality to OSG during plenty years.
    . Quality that OSG try to cover now with a very nice and mascarade safety management system……far
    away will be the real thing in OSG Ships.

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