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Noticia del Fairplay que nos vuelve a pasar Antonio

The captain of Corsica Ferries has been handed down a six month suspended jail sentence by a French court for polluting Corsican waters in May 2004.

Francesco Deluca, captain of the Mega Express, will also have to pay euro10,000 of the euro500,000 ($610,000) fine imposed against the ferry operator.

Corsica Ferries declared itself shocked by the court’s decision.

«We are victims of a tough interpretation of the law, with no distinction whatsoever between real polluters and respectable owners who care about the environment. Everybody knows this pollution was accidental; why would we have polluted our own trading area, so close to the coast and during daylight? We are going to appeal this decision,» said Pierre Mattei, director general of Corsica Ferries.

On May 12, 2004, the Mega Express was seen with a 22km oil slick in its wake when the ship was only a few miles off the Cap Corse (northern Corsica) en route from Bastia to Nice.

Court evidence suggested that the ship lost about 300 liters of oil that day.

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