Paso del noreste (II)

La flota ha comenzado su viaje, van apoyados por el mayor rompehielos atómico del mundo mundial y por los «prácticos del hielo», si todo va bien el 6 o 7 estarán en Novyy.


The Beluga multipurpose heavy-lift vessels Fraternity and Foresight, both ice class E3, have now convoyed with the nuclear-powered Russian Atomflot ice breaker 50 let Pobedy (50 Years Since Victory) through the East Siberian Sea and the Sannikov Strait into the Laptev Sea.
The first complete transit of the Northeast Passage by non-Russian commercial vessels “is proceeding thoroughly well,” said Niels Stolberg, president and CEO of German carrier Beluga.
On Monday the vessel masters watched for ice fields and small ice blocks near the northwest side of Ayon Island, in the East Siberian Sea, and again on Wednesday morning during the first miles through the Sannikov Strait. “We proceed with utmost precaution through this area,” Captain Aleksander Antonov reported from the Fraternity’s bridge.
Ice pilots from the ice breaker crew have joined the bridges of both vessels to guide them through the Vilkizki Strait, the passage from the Laptev Sea to the Kara Sea and the most northerly point of the entire journey, which the vessels will begin transiting Sept. 4.
Thick ice blocks are to be expected in the southern area of the Vilkizki Strait, Stolberg said, as well as compact ice fields at the western exit and at the entrance to the Kara Sea. Beyond that point, the journey should be free of ice all the way into the bay of the River Ob, the entrance to Novyy Port. The ships are expected to arrive at Novyy on Sept. 6 or 7, depending on the difficulty of the Vilkizki Strait.

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