Cartas electrónicas – Ojo con ellas

Las cartas de papel están camino de ser una reliquia pero las electrónicas también cuecen habas. Nota del IHO.

1. The following transmission was made on SafetyNet as a NAVAREA I warning from 1800Z on 15 February 2010 and at routine times thereafter; and as a UK International NAVTEX as an IMPORTANT message:

Mariners are advised that ECDIS may not display some isolated shoal depths when operating in “base or standard display” mode.

Route planning and monitoring alarms for these shoal depths may not always be activated. To ensure safe navigation and to confirm that a planned route is clear of such dangers, mariners should visually inspect the planned route and any deviations from it using ECDIS configured to display “all data”.

The automated voyage planning check function should not be solely relied upon. The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) is leading technical action to resolve this matter. Further information will be made available through Notices to Mariners.

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