Catalunya Spirit Reparado

At 8:40 p.m., Friday, the Captain of the Port of Boston, Coast Guard Capt. Gail Kulisch, reviewed and approved the final repair certification presented by Lloyd’s Register and Teekay Corporation, signaling approval for the LNG tanker to re-enter international service.

After several days of troubleshooting, repair specialists have determined that a malfunctioning boiler feed pump, which supplies water to the main propulsion boilers, was the cause of the Catalunya Spirit’s loss of power and propulsion.

«We are completely satisfied that the Catalunya Spirit is ready to return to service,» said Kulisch, Federal On Scene Coordinator of the Unified Command. «There has been a thorough review of every system on board the ship, and I’m very impressed with the vessel owner’s unprecedented commitment to fixing the problem.»

Coast Guard, state and owner-contracted assets joined forces to respond to the call that the Catalunya Spirit had lost power and was slowly drifting toward George’s Bank off the coast of Cape Cod. Tugs arrived on scene and gained control of the tanker well before it neared the shoals.

El departamente de prensa de Teekay ha estado parco, (no hay nada en su web, política de empresa?). Por su parte, desde el USCG han sabido informar e incluso facilitar imagenes para tranquilizar a la opinión pública y dejar fuera de juego a los alarmistas

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