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Filipinos, que son los baratos

A senior ship manager warned that ships would soon need to carry at least two cadets if the anticipated shortage of senior officers is to be tackled, the Fairplay Daily News reported.

During the 6th Asia Pacific Manning & Training conference in Manila, Pradeep Chawla — training director at Anglo Eastern Ship Management — said the shortage of good officers is causing a «chain reaction of misery in other departments of every company, with respect to ISM (International Safety Management) Code compliance.»

«The shortage has made it even harder to retain officers as manning agents use higher wages to lure away experienced seafarers, especially in the LNG/LPG and other specialized trades,» Chawla explained.

Each new officer recruited needs to be trained in the company’s safety management system, and Chawla warned of a higher risk of non-compliance to the ISM Code as turnover becomes faster.
Shortage of experienced officers also leads to extra supervisory workload, Chawla added.

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