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Captain Bernard Warner has been appointed Commodore of the Cunard fleet – Queen Mary 2, QE2 and, in December 2007, Queen Victoria – the most famous ocean liners in the world. Captain Warner assumes the title previously held by Commodore Ronald Warwick who retired from the company in 2006. Captain Warner has been Master of the line’s flagship Queen Mary 2 since June 2005. He has been at sea for 40 years and in command for the past 12 years.

Historical Cunard Commodores:

In the 1920s and 1930s, Cunard Commodores were customarily knighted and some of these were larger than life characters who made headline news.
Commodore Sir Arthur Rostron (Commodore 1928 – 1931), for example, had been master of the Carpathia when, in 1912, she sped through an icefield in the dark to rescue all the survivors of Titanic.

Commodore Sir James Charles (Commodore 1921 – 1928) was noted for the magnificence of his dinner table while commanding Aquitania and Mauretania. The menus often… Leer Mas

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