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The new manning rules require between four and six Greeks, depending of ship size, in the crew complement of a Greek flagship, half of what it was previously required.
With the new development, the Greek owners predicted substantial benefits for the economy of Greece and the creation of new jobs and opportunities from the increased competitiveness of the flag.


The Korea Shipowners’ Association (KSA) has admitted that the country will soon be unable to meet the maritime industry’s growing demand for new recruits.
This is because the country has a slow rate in qualifying new sailors and engineers despite rapid growth in the construction of merchant ships.
Low wages and an unfavorable working environment also hamper the industry.
In a response to this problem, the KSA has called for an increase in the number of foreign sailors allowed per ship, to 11 up from the current limit of eight.

En vez de mejorar el «enviroment» y las «low wages» contrataran «foreign» de esos

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