Los contenedores del Napoli

Ademas del accidente, el MCA est? investigando la carga real de cada contenedor y la que estaba declarada, es la primera vez que tienen oportunidad de hacerlo e igual m?s de un consignatario se lleva una sorpresa.

Del Lloyd List

EVERY container removed from the beached MSC Napoli is being weighed, opened, and the contents examined as investigators search for evidence of undeclared or misdeclared hazardous cargo.

The inspections are being carried out by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in parallel with the main accident enquiry that the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch is conducting, and could result in prosecutions.

Those charged would probably be the consignors, although the cargo screening systems of Mediterranean Shipping Co are also likely to be scrutinised if large quantities of wrongly labelled dangerous goods or over-heavy freight are found.

It is a criminal offence in the UK to not declare dangerous substances and could lead to jail sentences, Captain Jeremy Smart, the MCA’s principal enforcement officer, is reminding shippers.

Never before has a regulatory agency had such an opportunity to discover exactly what is carried in a container and whether it matches the official description.

Most major containership casualties have involved fire, explosion or grounding in relatively inaccessible areas, and often involve ships flying an international flag.

The 4,688 teu MSC Napoli, in contrast, is a British-registered ship managed by London-headquartered Zodiac Maritime Agencies and now aground off the south of England where it was deliberately towed in January after starting to break up.

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