Esa responsabilidad…

El titular de la noticia es muy bueno, LIABILITY ISSUES SINK THE SUNK VTS

He said that when it became clear Harwich would want to be paid to continue the service the MCA, following government practice, put the operation of the service out to tender earlier this year. There were only two expressions of interest and no bidders for the contract, with Harwich itself not putting in a bid. The MCA then talked to Harwich about an interim agreement to keep the service going while long term arrangements were put in place but these talks stalled over Harwich’s demand for the MCA to indemnify it against possible liability claims which the MCA would not do. Consequently the service stopped.

Pero de momento y aunque parece que algunos lo olvidan o no lo han aprendido en los cursos de Capitán… “The safety of navigation rests with the ship’s master” (Vacaciones y paga extra incluidas)

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