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Tras el accidente del Cosco Busan, los muchachos del USCG le ha pedido al Práctico, que asesoraba al Capitán del containero, que entregue su licencia de piloto (y práctico) por no estar en sus facultades, y este los ha entregado voluntariamente porque sino… Nota de Prensa

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California State officials today issued formal misconduct charges against the pilot involved in the Nov 7, San Francisco Bay oil spill that resulted in 58,000 gallons of fuel spilling into the water and fouling 40 miles of shoreline from Oakland to Bolinas. The accusation charges that Captain John Cota was negligent when he advised the captain of the fully cellular containership COSCO Busan to proceed under the Bay Bridge, resulting in the 900-foot vessel hitting a bridge tower. Among the specific claims levelled by the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo and Suisun are that Cota proceeded under the bridge despite doubting whether the vessel could manage safe passage, and that he did not have sufficient information about visibility in the fog as the vessel proceeded. Cota is also accused of travelling at an excessive speed for the conditions and failing to make use of all available resources, including a tug, the Vessel Traffic Service of the Coast Guard and his vessel’s lookout. The tug remained tethered to the vessel’s stern and was not used, the document said. Cota could have requested more information to assist him from the Coast Guard, but he did not, the document charged. Cota, as the pilot with local knowledge, also should have ensured that the vessel’s lookout was properly instructed to know what to look and listen for and to report that prior to approaching the bridge. The charges issued by the board could lead to the revocation of Cota’s pilot licence. Currently, his licence is suspended. He has 15 days to respond to the charges and request a formal hearing. Both the vessel’s captain and its crew have refused to be interviewed by the US Coast Guard or other authorities. Last week, the US Department of Justice filed a civil suit against the owner of the vessel, Hong Kong-based Regal Stone Ltd., the company that insured the vessel, Shipowners’ Insurance & Guaranty Co. and Cota. The suit did not specify the amount of damages, but it asserted that under federal law those liable for the spill should be required to pay for all clean-up costs and wildlife losses. In addition, the government seeks to confiscate and sell the 900-foot-long vessel, which is only six years old, to pay the costs, which easily will reach tens of millions of dollars.

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