Plan de trabajo para los próximos años del MAIB

  1. To improve safety at sea by:
  2. .- Carrying out investigations to determine the causes and circumstances of accidents.
    .- Making recommendations to reduce the likelihood of such causes and
    circumstances recurring in the future.
    .- Increasing awareness of how accidents happen, through initiatives
    aimed at the seafarer and maritime organisations, so as to encourage
    better and safer ship operation.
    .- Improving national and international co-operation in marine accident investigations.

  3. To satisfy the public in general, and the maritime community in particular, that marine accidents are being properly investigated in an efficient and timely manner.
  4. To fulfil the requirements of international conventions to conduct investigations into marine accidents and to supply the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and when required the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), with pertinent information about such investigations.
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