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19 September 2007 Lloyds List
EUROPEAN Union transport commissioner Jacques Barrot is to appoint two coordinators, or transport ‘czars’, in an attempt to kickstart cross-border maritime projects.

After expressing satisfaction with the work performed by the current coordinators, who are overseeing the development of pan-European rail networks, Mr Barrot said he would soon be creating similar positions for Motorways of the Sea and inland waterways. «The European co-ordinator is now recognised as a key player in the context of the trans-European networks,» Mr Barrot said. «On the basis of this very good initial experience, I believe the arrangements should be extended to projects other than those for railway infrastructure.

«During the next few days the commission will be appointing two new co-ordinators, who will be responsible for invigorating the projects relating to the Motorways of the Sea and inland waterways.»

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