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Kiel, May 27 — At 1830, May 26, vehicle carrier Hoegh London(67364 gt, built 2008) allided with three ships (fully cellular containership Maersk Newark (27322 gt, built 2002), fully cellular containership Maersk Bintan (42450 gt, built 2008) fully cellular containership Husky Racer(9991 gt, built 1997)) berthed at the Strom Quay in Bremerhaven. The vessel had been pushed off course by winds of 6-7, in gusts 8, from west-south-west and the strong outgoing tide which pushed the ship with seven knots towards the quay. Maersk Newark was most severely damaged with the hull ruptured at several points. One container was thrown overboard and sank a short time later. A ballast water tank sustained a gash and its contents leaked into the Weser. No oil polluted the water. Hoegh London was stopped by an emergency anchoring, thereby damaging three buoys, and subsequently towed back to Bremerhaven for investigations.

Video con los daños (en aleman)

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